“Cross functional social media engagement” will soon be over?

Simple, the internet and social media is great. We all agree. The latest statistics show that more and more use the so-called social media. The user age increases, a matter of course nowadays even for those born around the end of the second world war. Even my dear mother, who usually loves her garden has now a excuse to sit in front of Facebook every time is cloudy. Like, like like. My dear mother, great success online. Bad for the flowers.
Like, like, like
This also applies to industry. Like, like, like. Companies have taken Mark Zuckerberg’s work to their heart. Now, social networks are doing fairly good according to the statistics. More than one million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages. Impressive isn’t it?

Like everything else, there are trends. When my dear mother grew up the trend was hats. Nowadays, the latest trend is “Cross functional social media engagement”. Face it! It is not wrong to compare hats with cross functional engagement. Agree?

Some might say, the phenomenon social media is not a media, more like a mindset. Meaning that companies are moving from the traditional way by having one or two employed by the marketing department in charge of social media, to now involving the entire company’s various departments. Employees within the Human Resource, Sales, Support and Marketing departments as a one big happy family. But is it a one happy family you get?

Some of us see it as a divorce. A total chaos within the family. Maybe as a trend that is quickly replaced with another? To allow individual employees to speak for the company through out the social media without being audited may not be a good idea.

HR department, the people who are interested in your company, they will contact you, if they are interested. Mostly by email. Sales department; let the sales do what they are good at – selling. Support department; come on, how many actually complain and need help? Not many, really. Most of the customers actually help other customers. There is absolutely no problem with a call center if they respond quickly on the phone. Marketing department; let your employees focus on their core business. Have one, maybe two social media experts have a central role and allow the them managing the whole, by twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It is enough because most people are there. It’s easy to figure out that if you are in more channels, it becomes messy.

No, social media will continue to grow and will move at a faster pace. My dear mother among others will find it difficult to keep up. This also applies to most businesses. That is why not every department should be involved. It is better to outsource – experts that really knows the social media. So, don’t you think that this “Cross functional social media engagement” will soon be over?

Like, like, like.


6 thoughts on ““Cross functional social media engagement” will soon be over?

  1. Of course you can outsource social media as you can outsource anything today. The old rule outsource everything that is either not your core business or has no strategic importance applies here too. So for a business that doesn’t see any strategic importance in having happy customers should outsource social media. For instance organizations who rip off elderly people with all kinds of rubbish or those who sell timeshare apartments or other products where they know the customers will be disappointed after they signed a contract, outsourcing social media make sense.

    For everybody else it is probably a good idea to try everything humanly possible to grow the customer base through happy customers.

    (My entire social presence)

  2. Nice points, I think with an organizational strategy for social media we do indeed need to start small. When we build a business plan for social media we are unlikely to get funding for a large team initially. We will need to prove our concept is right and with an “Incubation Team”. Start with1-3 people minimal or self funding to see where it goes. This is one strategy we could adopt for for success, and as you point out for certain sizes of organisation maybe that is all that is needed!

    We all have many hats depending on what’s trending this week :-), but underling the hat we are all human beings, that’s the synergies we have. As a cross functional team each person will interact in a different manner with our customers, some will gel some not, but this greater exposure gives us opportunity for someone in our organisation to build a relationship with a customer, that could eventually lead to a sale. We may have a small social media team providing governance, but we should try to bring the wider company community on board to engage with our customers.

  3. Social media is the buzz. Some businesses get it, others know they need to be involved, just do not want to spend the time to make it happen. Will be interesting to see where the trends go with outsourcing or keeping internal.

  4. I really like the anecdote about your mother and the dying flowers. Because it highlights an interesting contemporary phenomenon. To a greater extent people prioritize their digital connections while the “real” relationships suffer.

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